Sunday, 19 November 2017

On the Cirencester Scene

We would respectfully like to draw you attention, in a particularly understated way, to the fact that we are performing at Sundial Theatre, Cirencester this coming Saturday 25th November and would very much like to invite those who have not already purchased tickets to please see that they do to avoid disappointment of not being able to get one later in the week.

To help with this we have helpfully pointed out how you can read more about the show in a decent size posting in the latest edition of the very wonderful, and thoroughly informative, Cirencester Scene - you can see the full article on the Interweb by clicking here, or to get your tickets without further distraction, click here for the Sundial gig box office.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

CartoonMeister strikes again!

To qualify for the "Afters" you have to go to the "Befores", ie to come drinking after the gig, you need to go to the gig...

Come along and see us and then come drinking and singing with us.

Visit the Sundial website to book your ticket.  See you there!

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Double header with top Ladies choral group

Last chance to see the blokes in concert in 2017

The blokes were in cracklingly good form in the rather wonderful venue of the Tetbury Goods Shed the other night and there is now just one more show for Magnificent fans when you can them in a fantastic double-header with the rather wonderful ladies choir Sassparella, all the way from the big city of Bath.

This is a re-match of pairing of these two highly accomplished groups of singers with contrasting styles.  They last performed together in Bath's Masonic Lodge, and both camps are looking forward to seeing the vocal sparks fly – but hurry, the blokes have sold out the last two times at the Sundial!

Head over to to book your tickets now before they go as a good chunk have already sold.  Doors open 7pm and show starts 7:30pm

Friday, 10 November 2017

Read all about it! Magnificent Fake news alert

Our intrepid CartoonMeister has been at it again, digging in the archives.

Full details about the “Sing Like a Bloke” Workshop for all ages and genders between 3pm to  5pm, followed by a concert starting at 7:30pm to see the real full might of The Magnificent AK47 in full flight, and the workshoppers joining in for the finale.

Alert your friends in Tetbury that a cracking show is heading their way!  Tickets available or by calling Tetbury Information Centre 01666 503 552.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

All aboard! For Tetbury Goods Shed

Half a century after the Tetbury Station closed, and twenty years after regeneration efforts began, Tetbury Goods Shed is back in business!  A wonderful space has been created, with an ambitious vision to make “The Shed” into a regional centre of arts excellence as well as a place where everyone can have a good time.

And the Blokes are planning to help them with this ambition by hosting a “Sing Like a Bloke” Workshop for all ages and genders between 3pm and 5pm, followed by a concert starting at 7:30pm to see the real full might of The Magnificent AK47 in full flight, and the workshoppers joining in for the finale.

Alert your friends in Tetbury that a cracking show is heading their way!  Tickets available or by calling Tetbury Information Centre 01666 503 552.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

"Robert"?? Find out who is "Robert" on BBC Radio Wiltshire

The lovely Sue Davies in action 

You may have missed it, but never fear, you can "hear all about it!", our latest venture onto the very modern communications medium of "the Wireless".  

Unfortunately, you will need to use that ancient so-called, "technology" of the Interweb to do it but if you point your device towards precisely, to hear us in action.

Here are the blokes before they went on...

And here's a recording, just in case you are listening later.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Magnificent (on the) aironauts

More Magnificents on the Radio alert!

A crack squad of media savvy (on the)aironauts has been assembled to help spearhead our media offensive promoting our next events and are due to be on Sue Davies' BBC Radio Wiltshire show on Saturday 4th November, on air around 11:25.

We will be plugging not one event, but THREE (maybe even more...).  

Firstly, next Saturday 11th November we are running a "Sing Like a Bloke" workshop lead by our belovéd ChoirMeister, Mr Chris Samuel, followed by a performance including the workshoppers at the rather splendid Tetbury Goods Shed - a venue we are very much looking forward to performing in - Full details about the venue can be found at where you can also purchase tickets online or from Tetbury Information Centre.

Next up is a return on Saturday 25th November to the Sundial Theatre in Cirencester for our fourth annual end of season bash.  The last three shows have all sold out and we are supported by a super ladies singing group Sassparella, all the way from that there city of The Bath across the border in Somerset.  We sang with them in their fair city a while ago and that was a sell out too!

The message is clear on this one, book now to avoid disappointment, visit

And notice of the final event of the year on Wednesday 13th December for the Ashton Keynes "Beer and Carols" in the White Hart pub, starting from 20:00.

Sunday, 22 October 2017



But enough of that "shoutyness" because it is nearly over and also because on closer investigation via the wonders of the Interweb our diligent researchers have come across a page at which has even more interesting days...

Jan 21      
National Hugging Day (USA)
A lovely idea
Feb (First Saturday)
Ice Cream for Breakfast Day
Surely a plot by Ice cream sellers?
Feb 17
Random Acts of Kindness Day (USA)
Always to be encouraged
April 22 (UK)
Administrative Professionals' Day
Appreciating the underappreciated
May (First Sunday)
World Laughter Day
What’s not to like?
May 6
International No Diet Day
Just for one day
June 28 (& Oct 22)
July (First Sat)
International Free Hugs Day
On a global scale
Aug (First Friday)
International Beer Day
A great idea to appreciate this wonderful stuff
Sep 1
Random Acts of Kindness Day (NZ)
Just in New Zealand? 
Sep 19
International Talk Like a Pirate Day
One of our favourites
Sep 28
Ask a Stupid Question Day
Just the one day a year?
Oct 6
BlokeSong Day
Worthy of celebration, surely

Please feel suitably prompted to share this knowledge across your universe for the betterment of whatever life-form you encounter along the way.

What next?  Universal Courier Font appreciation week??

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Pow Wow 2017

Most years we have what we call a "Pow Wow", which is basically an Annual General Meeting (or AGM) renamed to make it sound a bit more interesting and fun (which of course it is...).

This year we thought we would double check we are using the term even vaguely correctly and the venerable Wikipedia has this to say about the term:

"A pow wow (also powwow or pow-wow) is a social gathering held by many different Native American communities. 

The word is derived from the Narragansett word powwaw, meaning "spiritual leader".  A similar gathering by California Natives, usually in the fall, is called a Big Time. 

A modern pow wow is a specific type of event for Native American people to meet and dance, sing, socialize, and honor their cultures. Pow wows may be private or public. 

There is generally a dancing competition, often with significant prize money awarded. Pow wows vary in length from a one-day event, to major pow wows called for a special occasion which can be up to one week long."  Source:

So, maybe some passing similarity to our events, but strangely you won't find too much dancing going on, but plenty of singing, socializing, and honouring our culture - so, maybe more similar than one might have initially thought.

Makes you think that maybe people ain't so different after all...

We'll see whoever turns up in the Back Room of The White Hart Inn, Ashton Keynes, from 20:00 Wednesday 18th Oct for most of what goes on at a real Pow Wow, but maybe not the dancing..., well, not this time.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Black Sheep Union

Us...?... With another group of lovely singing ladies...?...  In a very modern high-tech venue in the centre of Keynesham, near Bristol...?...  This coming Friday night...?...  With a sheep leitmotif...?...  With our reputation...?...  What could possibly go wrong??!

You'll just have to jaunt over via your hypertext link purveyor to the Black Sheep Harmony Ticket outlet and grab your tickets whilst you still can to find out.

Once you've done that you might like to have a peruse of our partners in song for the evening at and a bit more about the venue at

And expect a few early "fireworks" at the end...

Monday, 11 September 2017

Back to School

Hopefully all the blokes will be re-invigorated and ready for getting back into action for a packed Autumn and into the Midwinter.

Forthcoming highlights include:
  • Singing in a massive resonant space in Birmingham Central Station
  • Recording a new LP's worth (ask anyone with grey hair kiddies...) of, er, recordings
  • Performing with two lovely lady choirs at our three gigs
  • Another big gig in Cirencester's Sundial Theatre
  • Getting in the mood for Yuletide with some singing in the pub
  • Thinking about going to Cork Festival next year!!
And no doubt there will be more as we bring a close to Year 9 of Magnificents and brace ourselves for celebrating our 10th year of lowering the tone with our high jinks.

And to get back into gear we are literally going back to School with our first workshop back in Ashton Keynes School Hall, Gosditch.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

It may go a bit quiet round here for a while...

Says it all really...

Much happening in the background and expect to burst back into life in September.

In the meantime, enjoy the Summer, what there is of it and see you when the nights start to draw in again and we all feel the need for a sing to cheers ourselves up.

Monday, 31 July 2017

If you go down to...

... the woods pub tonight, you're sure of a big surprise

The blokes in some woods.  

Tonight they, and "some others" will be in the pub for "not your average Monday night", even for Ashton Keynes...

But, shhhh, it's a secret.

And here is what it might sound like and something from the Magnificent Archive.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Another Spooky Summer of Love

They are big (& small), they are in black and they are rather superb... The Spooky Men's Chorale are back in the UK for another Summer of Love as they sing their way around these isles sprinkling sonic joy wherever they go.

These guys are the granddaddies of BlokeSong and the inspiration for our very own The Magnificent AK47 nearly a decade ago (!) and are a sight to see and a sound to luxuriate in with their deadpan humour and drop dead Georgian harmonies.

Check out their remaining tour dates at and maybe witness them slightly nearer to home & Magnificent HQ.... watch this space for more Magnificent Spooky news.

Sunday, 16 July 2017


A slightly belated THANK YOU and VERY WELL DONE to all involved with the inaugural Ashton Keynes Music and Arts Festival that took place at the end of June & first weekend of July this year.

The Magnificent AK47 played a small but not insignificant part running the bar at the Village Voices event that combined choral groups from across the village.  

Performing were the cute beyond belief School Choir, the rather wonderful Siren Sisters, the re-invigorated Village Choir and little old us finishing things of with a killer set that we would like to think was rather well received... that is until the final number which combined all the choirs and quite literally there wasn't a dry eye in the place by the end.

A great way to celebrate all the fabulous singing that goes on around these parts.

Monday, 26 June 2017

BlokeFest - brilliant as ever

It's taken a while to recover from it, but BlokeFest was as brilliant as ever and superbly curated by the Bebington Bitter Men from up Wirral way.

Anglesey was bathed in glorious sunshine and the singing matched the sunlit mood, fab tent, great blokes, who could ask for more?  Well, everyone!!

Looking forward to BlokeFest 2018 already...

Thursday, 15 June 2017

BlokeFest Dynion. Canu. Chwerthin

With all the excitement and anticipation of the Ashton Keynes Music and Arts Festival is might be easy to overlook a certain little event taking place in North West North West Wales...

Full details on and match reports after the event.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Next is AK Fest

This village...  SO much to do, so little time...

We are less than one month away from the biggest thing to happen round these parts since the last time the Ashton Keynes Music Festival rolled into the village, except this time it is not just a music festival, there's arts as well and loads more.

We are on the Wednesday 28th taking part in the Village Voices a celebration of singing in the village.

Read about so much more and get tickets before they disappear at

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

What we did on our Mini-Tour

It feels like a very long time ago already when we set of for the "Deep South" on our Mini-Tour, but here in glorious technocolour is a selection of some of the best bits of our trip.  No doubt many more photos exist but they will escape into the wild in their own time.

Here we are, the "South" Van prepares to leave with due ceremony - there is always one stealing the show and it is quite often Lars...

Arriving at our first stop at the Fleet Air Arm Museum (we know people and there were lots of fascinating machines for the engineeringly inclined) our tour mascots Mini(on) Bob, Little Chris and Mini(on) Kevin look to be enjoying themselves.

Separated at birth?  We sang under one of these pointy objects....

And here we are at our first gig of the trip at the beautiful St John's Church in Totnes where we sang with the equally beautiful Glorious Chorus - cracking show and fantastic "Afters".


On our way from Devon to deepest, darkest Cornwall, Kevin and Bob and their namesakes stop for a photo at Minions.

Soon after a member of our crew was seen making a break for it...

But eventually after yet more food we made it safely to Port Isaac and our first show in Cornwall at the Village hall there.

Accompanied by the lovely ladies from Gulls who put on a great show for us and sang us their very own version of Nothing Like a Bloke dedicated to little old us.

We even made a (fishermen's) friend or two with another glorious "Afters" session with Gulls and their special friends.


And we started singing early in the morning - their mum (who was conducting Gulls) loved it, her two older daughters were not so sure, having absorbed those warnings about strange men singing to you early on a Sunday morning in a caravan park...

After a brief spot of exercise and singing to youths on the beach it was time for another well earned spot of nosh and chance to enjoy some more fabulous Cornish hospitality, as witnessed by a very happy Tour Organiser.

And the singing continues with Gulls in action at The Waterfront in Polzeath, cracking venue.

With many men gazing on, enjoying the show...

Although there are "concerns" we could be viewed as a "Tribute group" - but that is nothing to be ashamed about as it is a terrific ale...

Only to be matched by trying one or two others for as you can see there was a lot of singing to be done and as we know, 'tis thirst-making work

And finally, a Magnificent video made for us by Chris at Soundview.


Friday, 5 May 2017

Off to da 'minions

We are off to Devon, Cornwall and Somerset with these two characters as tour mascots because?  Because we are going to Minions among other places...!

Have a look at the Calendar on our Dates page for more info.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

More about the Mini-Tour

To say that the blokes are excited about their forthcoming Mini-tour down south is probably pushing English understatement into rather a tight corner and making it look very worried about what happens next (or something like that).

But without labouring the point, the blokes are in red hot form having given what was considered to be "a reasonably decent show" the other night in Wotton-under-Edge.

We even premiered a new song for the very first time (that possibly being the definition of premier), a new masterpiece taking a famous old standard that has had a Magnificent work over and now opines about the virtues of hirsuiteness and general appreciation of the humble bloke - long overdue some might say.

And so to the tour.  We shall be doing things in these places at roughly these times.

Friday 5th 
Fleet Air Arm Museum - lunch time
St John's Church, Totnes with Glorious Chorus

Saturday 6th 
Minions & The Cheesewring - lunch time
Port Isaac & Village Hall

Sunday 7th
Padstow Town + Padstow to Rock Ferry
St Enodoc Church
The Waterfront, Polzeath - late lunch
St Mabyn Inn - from 8pm

Monday 8th
Glastonbury Town & Tor - lunch time

Then toddling back to our humble, humdrum blokey existences all the better for it.

Monday, 24 April 2017

North North Wiltshire's finest head south again

And we're off!  We are heading down south again - this time we are going to Devon and Cornwall and taking in a couple of stops in Somerset along the way out and back.

We shall be having a glorious return match with Glorious Chorus in that there Totnes this coming Friday 5th May in St John's Church of Bridgetown in that fair locality and we are most looking forward to it.  More info and how to buy tickets from

And thence we shall venture forth across the border into the ancient lands of Cornwall and another return match (or three) with the ladies of "Gulls" from Port Isaac with a gig with them on Saturday 6th May in the Village Hall in that beautiful little place.  Tickets can be found locally from the shop Secrets or via our website at

More info about other activities and special moments we have planned in the very near future.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

The Magnificent AK47 and a "Swing Orchestra" collaboration? Really??

It's not often that the worlds of Swing Bands and BlokeSong coincide but when they do you can anticipate something special.

We have been approached by The London Swing Orchestra who are playing a special St Georges Day matinee at the Wiltshire Music Centre in Bradford on Avon on Sunday 23rd April starting at 3pm -

It is a Celebration for the Feast of St George: Mad Dogs & Englishmen - Graham Dalby director and the fantastic London Swing Orchestra bring you a special St George's Day programme, featuring vintage hits from the 1930s and 1940s as played by the Great British dance bands. This elegant matinée includes songs by Noël Coward, Flanders and Swann and Cole Porter. It will be a warming and nostalgic tribute to the English: to their pride, to their quirky humour and, above all, to their heartfelt love for this sceptred isle.

It also includes The Magnificent AK47 performing two songs as part of the show - The Vly and a sea shanty (or might be Shed) and it sounds like a lot of fun and builds relationships for future possible collaboration.

Bizarrely enough we were contacted by the main organiser because of all the You Tube versions of The Vly out there - he liked ours best.  Strange world, that there t'internet...

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Reach for the sky

What are these blokes up to??  Looks like some are trying to hold up the ceiling after some problems caused by a sonic wave from the basses goes so low that it starts to cause structural damage to the Back Room of The White Hart Inn.

But fear not, the pub is safe for another rehearsal and the blokes rumble on.

And today they will be in action a couple of times over in Wotton-under-Edge firstly in the afternoon running a workshop between 15:30 and 17:30 and then a full show including a piece with the workshoppers with doors open from 19:30.

All happening at the Under the Edge Arts community arts project in Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire   Hope to see you there and witness the blokes bringing the house down (not literally of course, that would be silly...!).